Success Stories

HYPOXI in Austria

I have been a practitioner for many years and have noticed that a lot of my patients are struggling with cellulite, flabby skin and stubborn fat deposits, which are mainly genetically caused. Work outs and diets are not sufficient to achieve a visible improvement with long lasting effects.

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HYPOXI in Turkey

We opened our HYPOXI-Studio in the Richmond Nua Wellness Spa in 2007 – one of the most beautiful and luxurious hotels in Turkey, roughly two hours from Istanbul. The wellness area alone measures 2,700 square metres. Our customers are local day trippers as well as vacationers from near and far. Especially during the holiday season from March to June, many hotel guests like to exercise on our eight HYPOXI-Training devices.

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On July 12, 2010, the Ballantyne HYPOXI-Studio opened as the first HYPOXI site in the USA. Even though it opened during the summer holidays, more than 100 customers took up our invitation to attend the two opening events. In the first weeks alone, we sold 20 HYPOXI-Trainings, and we can proudly say that our customers love them.

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HYPOXI in Portugal

Our 5-star-deluxe-resort Vila Vita Parc is located on the southern coast of Portugal, the Algarve. The luxurious hotel is one of the most beautiful resorts of the Iberian Peninsula, situated on 22 spectacular hectares between blossoming, semitropical gardens and its moorish architecture and rocky coast-line.

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HYPOXI® in Slovenia

Our studio opened in spring 2004. With our numerous regular customers and a constantly growing number of customers, we reached a more than satisfying utilized capacity in the second year. From January to June and from October to November, we often even reach the limits of our capacity.

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HYPOXI in Mexico

We opened the first studio in Mexico in April 2009. We now have around 200 customers. This corresponds with over 1500 training units a year. Just a few months after the opening, we reached a respectable utilized capacity of 60%. Spring and autumn emerged as seasonal peaks.

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