Do you want to shape up your problem areas?

With HYPOXI, you can systematically and effectively shape your body

When using the HYPOXI-Method, you'll reach your goals fast and with long-term sustainability. All authorised HYPOXI-Studios offer supervision by qualified coaches who will adjust the training programme individually to your needs. The best thing: HYPOXI-Training is designed in such a way that you won't have to torture yourself to reach your goals. Learn more about the unique HYPOXI-Method and find a studio in your area to shape your body individually.


HYPOXI is a unique method of body shaping which uses the natural principles of lipid metabolism to systematically reduce undesirable fat depots. Modern training devices and holistic, personal supervision by your HYPOXI-Coach ensure long-term effectiveness. HYPOXI is special because the (very) systematic targeting of the problem areas harmonises the body proportions - an effect that does not usually occur when losing weight in the common sense. Furthermore, HYPOXI visibly reduces cellulite and therefore improves the complexion.

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